In Italy, Ukrainians will be paid 150 euros: who will receive

Even working Ukrainians can apply for one-time assistance from the Italian government.

The Italian government will provide 150 euros of one-time material assistance to low-income Ukrainian refugees.

Ukrainian refugees living in Italy and earning no more than 20,000 euros for the 2021 tax period can apply for help from the Italian authorities.

The payment is available to temporary and permanent workers, researchers, graduate students with scholarships, seasonal workers and entertainment workers who qualify and did not receive such assistance in November.

Persons applying for a one-time allowance must log in to a special website and indicate the category of assistance. Payments will be made by the end of January 2023.

How Italy supports Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees
Italy is one of the most active countries in Europe providing financial and military assistance to Ukraine. In the early days of the Russian invasion, Italy provided Ukraine with more than 100 million euros.

Italy joined all Western sanctions against Russia and froze Russian assets on its territory. In parallel, the country received tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees.

One of the most important elements of Italian assistance to Ukraine was the supply of modern weapons, which are urgently needed at the front.